Plastic Free Kettle or Teapot

Plastic Free Kettle or Teapot

Plastic Free Kettle 

It can be impossible to find an electric kettle with no plastic components in contact with the boiling water or steam. Many stainless steel versions contain small plastic parts.

The simple way is to get a 100% glass stove top kettle.

I use this plastic free kettle Simax glass stove top teapot for about a year, and I am very pleased with it. It is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

The Simax kettle is:

  • Made from BOROSILICATE GLASS: high quality heat resistant lab-grade glass SIMAX resistant to temperatures as high as plus 300C and as low as minus 40C. It has a high thermal shock resistance.
  • Made from 100% CADMIUM and LEAD FREE recycled glass and approved for contact with food in professional environments. Simax glassware does not absorb odors or flavors, and you do not need to worry about chemicals making their way into your water.
  • STOVETOP SAFE: heat your water directly in the pot. It is convenient for both electric and gas stoves (use flame disperser). 
  • 33 OUNCE CAPACITY: Teapot makes enough tea for approximately 4 cups.
  • MICROWAVE and DISHWASHER safe for added convenience.



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