Potato Juice For Stomach Problems

Potato Juice For Stomach Problems

Potato Juice For Stomach Problems

In folk medicine, raw potato juice is used for stomach problems such as: abdominal pain, indigestion, hyperacidity, inflammation of the gastric and duodenal mucosa, gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Potato juice shows beneficial effects on the digestive system. It helps relieve pain and supports the fight against ulcer disease.

Potato juice is effective for hyperacidity because regulates the production of stomach acids.


Just a few tablespoons of juice after each meal is enough to eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the stomach and excessive production of stomach acids.
Raw potato juice causes the uptake of probiotic bacteria and has anti-cancer properties – it inhibits the growth of stomach cancer cells.

It contains valuable antioxidants that stimulate the removal of toxins accumulated in the liver, intestines and kidneys.

Fiber, vitamins and minerals contained in this juice improve the processes of cleansing the blood of toxins.

Potato Juice For Stomach Problems

How to make raw potato juice?

When choosing potatoes for juicing, you must pay attention to their high quality.

Do not use potatoes that are green because they contain solanine, a dangerous substance for human health. Also, don’t use potatoes that are sprouting.

Always choose potatoes from organic crops that have not been treated with chemical sprays.

Preparing juice is very simple. You can use white or red potatoes.

Wash the potatoes thoroughly and clean out any sprouts and green spots.

Three raw organic potatoes are enough to make the juice. The potatoes are peeled and cut into smaller pieces. The juice is squeezed out using a juicer. I use my PURE Juicer.

The taste of the juice can be enriched by adding lemon, honey or carrot juice.

Potato Juice For Stomach Problems

How often should you drink potato juice?

Various ways of treatment with freshly prepared potato juice are recommended.

One of them involves drinking half a cup of juice for a period of two weeks. The other method involves drinking potato juice three times a day, one tablespoon before each meal.

It is recommended that people diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease drink half a cup of raw potato juice up to four times a day until symptoms subside.

The juice can also be drunk prophylactically.

You can also heal stomach ulcers with cabbage juice. It has remarkable healing powers for ulcers and it has been used for centuries.

Potato Juice For Stomach Problems

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