Under Eye Cream With Only 2 Ingredients

Under Eye Cream

Under Eye Cream With Only 2 Ingredients

This homemade under eye cream is a natural product that is 100 % chemical, toxin and synthetic fragrance free. Most commercial eye creams are full of fillers and most of the time don’t really get the job done. You can make your own, with just two ingredients.

Coconut oil and vitamin E are good options for a simple but effective under eye cream. They are very good emollients that help keep skin moisturized. They are also loaded with antioxidants that prevent premature wrinkles from forming around the eyes.

Coconut Oil

  • It is all natural and full of antioxidants
  • Coconut oil softens the skin, moisturizes and helps with cell renewal
  • Antiviral, antibacterial anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties help maintain your skin healthy
  • Coconut oil helps treat under eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles
  • It has a natural SPF of 4
  • It’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin

Vitamin E

  • It is a great anti-aging ingredient to use for underneath the eyes because of its firming properties and ability to help fight wrinkles
  • It improves skin elasticity, strengthens skin tissue, helps remove dark circles and bags under the eyes and helps prevent age spots
  • Vitamin E is packed with antioxidants that helps to protect and repair skin.

Be careful you don’t choose the wrong type of vitamin E!

Natural vitamin E includes a total of eight different compounds, and having a balance of all eight helps optimize its antioxidant functions.

These compounds are divided into two groups of molecules: Tocopherols (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta) and Tocotrienols (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta).

Synthetic vitamin E supplements typically include only one of the eight, alpha-tocopherol. Synthetic vitamin E is derived from petrochemicals and has known toxic effects.

A supplement will not actually tell you it’s synthetic, but you can usually tell by carefully reading the label:

Synthetic vitamin E is typically listed with a dl (dl-alpha-tocopherol)

Natural vitamin E is typically listed with a d (d-alpha-tocopherol).

under eye cream

Under Eye Cream


1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil

2 vitamin E capsules


Puncture vitamin E capsules and squeeze it into the coconut oil. Mix it well. Keep it in a small container with a lid.

Before bed, dab a small amount under your eyes. Night time is best as it will give oils a chance to soak into your skin.

Note: A patch test is always recommended for any first time using a new ingredient or if you have highly sensitive skin.



2 thoughts on “Under Eye Cream With Only 2 Ingredients

  1. Holly

    Being that coconut oil is high (4) on comedogenic scale, how do you justify it in the delicate eye area, where exfoliants and scrubs are contraindicated and this will clog tiny pores if cleansing isn’t proper to such an potentially pore clogging oil?

  2. Simply and Naturally Post author

    Organic coconut oil is great to use on the skin around your eyes, as there are no oil glands. Avoid putting it on the nose or the forehead because it can clog pores. So even if coconut oil clogs pores for some, it’s not that way for everyone. In fact, it has helped many people get rid of acne or just condition the skin, making it smooth and less wrinkled looking.

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